CAD Engineering & Automation

Expert knowledge in the field of CAD Automation allows us to provide reliable and uninterrupted servies to all our customers.

Scanning and Developing 3D models

Roboclick’s team of scanning experts is renowned for their extensive knowledge and exceptional guidance in selecting the perfect 3D scan to CAD design for any industry type. Our cutting-edge 3D modeling services are unmatched in their ability to solve workflow challenges with ease and efficiency. Our professionals are dedicated to delivering outstanding results, marked by exceptional outputs and meticulous documentation.

We stand tall as leaders in the 3D scanning industry, equipped to handle even the most complex of processing challenges, and steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest quality services to our valued clients. We are proud to offer our expertise and experience to help drive success for businesses in all fields. With a focus on innovation and excellence, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and reach new heights.

Fast and accurate modelling services

Reverse Engineering and Inspection

Global feature industry expertise

Saves a lot of time in designing

Ensure fit-fix of objects in just a go

2D to 3D CAD conversion

Roboclick’s 2D to 3D CAD conversion transforms your designs into visually stunning, high-quality 3D models in formats such as STEP, STL, and more. Our CAD specialists provide customized solutions for engineering, architectural, construction, and design firms. The 2D to 3D conversion process is a powerful tool that elevates designs with specialized CAD conversions from 2D sketches, in any format. Additionally, Roboclick ensures that all 3D models are optimized for 3D printing.

The traditional 2D draft may be a logical final step for design, but the growing demand for custom 3D models has increased the need for 2D to 3D conversion services. Clients expect high-quality, detail-oriented designs, and conversion to 3D provides the perfect solution. It allows companies to meet client expectations and ensure that designs are produced to the highest standards.

We assign experts to work exclusively for every single client

We ensure qualitative results in best time possible

We ensure data safety and security

Cost-Efficient features

Paper to CAD

Roboclick’s Paper to CAD conversion services encompasses a range of CAD services including CAD conversion, drafting, and more. The process involves converting paper-based drawings, PDFs, and other data into CAD drawings.

Drafting plays a crucial role in converting paper to CAD as it ensures the dimensional accuracy of the paper map. The digitalization stage, which is a part of the paper-to-CAD conversion process, converts maps, sketches, and more, where the location accuracy of the entity is vital. These services help to improve the efficiency of the design process, reduce errors, and streamline workflows.

Poor quality hard copies to high quality digital Images

Control the cost

Saves time

Reduces the errors

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a process that involves analyzing the components and design of a device, process, system, or software in order to understand how it works accurately. This method provides a deeper understanding of the source code, allowing for conservation and improvement efforts.

In some cases, the goal of reverse engineering is to re-document heritage structures. This process provides valuable insights into the history and development of a particular structure, and can be used to preserve its heritage for future generations. Reverse engineering is a useful tool for understanding complex systems and improving their functionality, making it a valuable tool for many industries.

The outdated products can be reconstructed

Improving old ideas with creative thoughts

Saves time

Explores the surviving designs

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