Roboclick delivers a comprehensive range of Oracle product services to clients worldwide with a high success rate. Our services help organizations to maximize their investment in Oracle products, ensuring efficient and effective utilization of these technologies. Whether you need implementation, integration, customization, or support, Roboclick’s experienced team is here to help you achieve your goals.


Enterprise Data Management

Roboclick’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) service allows organizations to quickly and effectively adjust to changes by managing master data, migrating applications to the cloud, and addressing the impact of mergers and acquisitions. EDM also reconciles metadata differences across business applications.

Our management services provide a unified approach to data management, improving existing tactics and fostering assurance, confidence, and trust with clients. EDM plays a key role in promoting organizational alignment on the importance of knowledge management, ensuring that data remains a top priority across all areas of the enterprise. With our EDM services, clients can ensure their data is effectively managed and governed, contributing to their overall success.

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Roboclick’s Hyperion tool transforms Enterprise Performance Management by streamlining financial and operational processes to stay ahead in a competitive environment. The centralized approach of Hyperion, combined with automation technology, enables better decision-making. Our Hyperion solution supports planning, budgeting, forecasting processes and enhances overall business management.

Embedded Intelligence


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Scenario planning



Roboclick’s BI application management solutions provide a more effective outcome in delivering functionality and exceptional benefits, which would be challenging or impossible to achieve without the assistance of Oracle OBIEE or OBIA.

The implementation of BI Apps on Oracle Cloud varies depending on the specific situation. For example, the source systems where data is extracted could be located in the cloud or on-premises, and corporate policies may dictate where data should be stored. There are various approaches to implementing BI Apps on the Oracle Cloud, and organizations can start small by deploying BI for a single department and then expand to support other departments using the same model and platform. This ensures a consistent view of enterprise information through packaged applications like Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

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Roboclick’s Oracle analytics cloud provides an all-in-one platform for enterprise analytics with a wide range of capabilities for data collection, ingestion, enrichment, visualization, and collaboration. The cloud-native platform ensures accurate guidance for a comprehensive analytics process within the business intelligence space.

OAC can be deployed in various deployment scenarios, including data centers, on-premises, or the Oracle cloud, making it scalable for any situation. The platform promises to provide a compromising result and improved governance of business operations processes.

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS)

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)

Oracle Essbase

Oracle SmartView


Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is a comprehensive platform for data integration that can handle various integration requirements, from high-volume workloads to SOA-enabled services. It offers high-efficiency information integration and allows clients to get involved with an updated flow-based graphical user interface and deep integration with modernized techniques.

ODI is flexible and efficient in its engineering, with support for big data and parallel execution for faster data integration. It also has interoperability for easier migration and integration. Roboclick provides ODI as an extract, load, and transform tool that offers a graphical interface for creating, managing, and maintaining data integration processes in business intelligence systems.




ODI 12c



PBCS and EPBCS are equipped with advanced features like what-if scenario analysis, flexible data entry options and real-time collaboration, enabling the enterprises to make informed decisions and achieve their budgeting objectives. The cloud-based platform offers a centralized and secure repository for budget data, enabling enterprises to access and analyze their budget data from anywhere and at any time.

Roboclick’s PBCS and EPBCS solutions help organizations to streamline their budgeting process, reduce manual intervention and improve accuracy and efficiency. With their user-friendly interface and advanced analytics capabilities, these solutions enable organizations to gain valuable insights into their financial performance, monitor progress towards their budget targets, and make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.



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